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OBB-11Rail Cargo Group’s traffics on the increase between Austria and China
04/29/2020 – Despite the coronavirus crisis, train traffics between Austria and China are on the rise. Rail Cargo Group, a subsidiary of the Ă–BB, is a leading player in this segment.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Wien_TPAre viennese public transports for one euro per day sustainable?
02/06/2020 – The Viennese pay 365 Euro, one Euro per day for their local transport ticket. But Is this model transferable everywhere? Explanationxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Nightjet_Pascal Hartmann flickrNightjet : renaissance of night trains in Europe
04/29/2019 – While Britain is putting new night trains into service between London and Scotland, we can already see what is happening in Central Europe. Nightjet shows that a good night train services and a good business model can generate revenues and profits.