Swedish projects for norwegian trains

Between Trondheim and Bodø (photo David Gubler via license flickr)

As a result of winning Norway’s liberalized package 2 (called North packet), SJ Norge will bring big positive changes to train service of this country which is not member of European union.

SJ Norge AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the railway swedish incumbent SJ Group. The subsidiary in Norway is managed by a separate board of directors with solid experience and knowledge of Norwegian matters. SJ Norge As want to become a leading player that contributes to the development of the Norwegian rail sector towards greater customer orientation, higher efficiency and increased safety. SJ Norge has presented his plan for future.

From the summer of 2022 it will be possible to take the train from Oslo to Bodø, a city near the Lofoten, without having to change trains. The new train service is called « Norway’s longest train ». So far, anyone traveling between Oslo and Bodø with Vy (formerly NSB) has to change trains in Trondheim, with a travel which lasts between 17h14min to 18h26min. There are indeed two options currently to reach the two distant cities of about 1,200 kilometers:

  • Oslo-Trondheim day train + Trondheim-Bodø night train
  • Oslo-Trondheim night train + Trondheim-Bodø day train

Sverre Sletten, tender representative at SJ AB, promises many improvement: « In the summer of 2022 we will test the longest train route in Norway, Oslo – Bodø, then the customers in Trondheim do not have to change of train. Narvik already has such a long connection, with SJ to Stockholm. This nightrain is a great success and we look forward to offering similar services in Norway. » Without change in Trondheim the journey time will take about 16.5-17 hours. « So, there is not much difference, but you avoid that the connection in Trondheim is gone. »

SJ Norge also wants to increase the number of day trains Oslo – Trondheim from three to five in December 2021. In addition, the night train will remain. In addition, SJ Norge wants to increase the number of cars in the trains if necessary. « We have such a good experience in Sweden, which will soon repeat in Norway, » says Sletten.

As of December 2021, the number of trains on the regional line between Dombås and Åndalsnes will be increased from four to six. In early September, the government announced it would provide NOK 100 million for the electrification of Meråkerbahn. This electrification opens up new opportunities for SJ to accommodate train service between Trondheim and Stockholm, added Sletten.

From December 2021, faster connections from Oslo to Stockholm are to be made possible, and by 2020 a new connection from Oslo to Gothenburg is planned with the aim of being able to travel to Copenhagen in a few years without a train connection, if some major development projects along the route are completed.

When Scandinavia jostles all models. The Swedes seem well enthousiast to extend well beyond their borders, while Vy, the Norwegian public operator and the Danish railway incumbent DSB have to fight with other weapons. Sweden is itself subject to competition on its own tracks. For example by .. the Norwegians.

Near Drammen (photo wikipedia)