UK : the Scotland’s rail freight strategy

The Scottish Transport Minister Derek Mackay has presented on 22 March, during a visit in the multinational building materials company Tarmac on the freight terminal Craig Inches in Aberdeen, the new rail freight strategy the Scottish government. The document called ‘Delivering the Goods‘ describes a new vision for a competitive and sustainable rail freight, which meet the requirements of modern markets as well as to provide a boost to the industry to take account of economic and environmental objectives.

The strategy to support the rail freight in new and growing markets is based on four key levers of innovation, maintenance, promotion and investing. It includes a series of measures with which success factors can be tracked and measured.

The publication follows an extensive consultation process with business, trade unions and other stakeholders to provide rail freight on a sustainable footing. ‘Through a series of concrete measures we want to achieve more innovation and collaboration across the industry, targeted investment in Scotland’s strategic freight network and to better promote the benefits of rail freight for both the economy and society. We can create the conditions so that the sector grows and prospers,’ said the Minister of transport.

Tarmac recently signed a new 5-year transportation contract with Colas in Scotland, along with an agreement with the VTG Group to supply 46 new cement wagons. The new rail freight strategy was adopted by the Rail Freight Group (RFG).