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logisticsRebirth of Maglev for urban transports
11/30/2020 – It was thought that Europe was no longer interested in this technology, but one entrepreneur still believes in it. The German company Max Bögl has designed a Maglev for urban use in Asia.

Voss_2Chinese group CRRC buys Vossloh Locomotives – 08/27/2019 – This time, it’s going to work: the Chinese CRRC really come in Europe. CRRC acquires Vossloh ‘railway vehicles’ business

Maglev_10Are futuristic maglev trains could revolutionize railways ?
06/17/2019 – While the world looks at Hyperloop projects with caution, it is useful to look at another railway technology: magnetic levitation, which Europe seems to have definitively cancelled …

Autonomous_railwayAsia takes leadership of trains at 600km / h, and itsn’t good news for Europe and America
05/30/2019 – The Chinese manufacturer CRRC, which is so scary to European manufacturers, unveils a magnetic levitation train project that could circulate at 600km / h.