By Frédéric de Kemmeter – Railway signalling and freelance copywriter
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Difficulties in the Texas high-speed rail project
02/09/2022 – The U.S. Dallas-Houston high-speed rail project seems to be mired in land acquisition problems related to laws and a particular culture of private property. This is very different from Europe. Yet this project could finally put the USA, 40 years behind, on the same level as the European continent…

Amtrak to order 50 more long-distance Siemens Chargers
10/02/2022 – On the day Amtrak placed its first Siemens ALC42 locomotives into revenue service — although not without some problems — the company announced it will acquire more of the locomotives. In a event at Chicago Union Station, Amtrak Vice President and Chief Mechanical Officer George Hull used the operating debut of the two long-distance Charger diesels to announce the company’s…

High-Speed Las Vegas Train Back On Track As U.S. Reviews L.A. Extension
26/01/2022 – High-Speed Las Vegas Train Back On Track As U.S. Reviews L.A. Extension Brightline, the only private passenger rail company in the U.S., could begin construction of its high-speed train from Las Vegas by early 2023 as U.S. regulators start reviewing an extension that would connect it to a Los Angeles suburb. The review focuses on a 49-mile section of Brightline West…

Ex SpaceX engineers want to build autonomous rail cars
24/01/2022 – After the US company Intramotev Autonomous Rail, now three ex SpaceX engineers are teaming up to build autonomous, battery-powered freight train cars. The trio consists of CEO Matt Soule and co-founders Ben Stabler and John Howard. They have named their new Los Angeles-based startup Parallel Systems and it has raised $50 million in a Series A funding round. In an…

State appeals court rejects long-standing challenge to California bullet train
01/12/2021 – The last pending civil lawsuit seeking to stop the California high-speed rail project hit a wall Tuesday when a state appeals court affirmed a lower court ruling that the project did not violate the California Constitution by adopting a segmented approach to building the system. The american bullet train project has encountered in California an array of problems with financing, permits…

The US launches the largest infrastructure plan in 65 years
07/11/2021 – On Friday 5th November, the American Congress finally adopted part of the vast reforms undertaken by Joe Biden when he came to power, the fruit of a long battle lasting several months. The Congress thus has cleared a multibillion-dollar infrastructure package that could improve Americans’ commutes and quality of life, already voted in August by the Senate, and providing for nearly 1,200…

Texas Central High Speed Train_02Why Amtrak trains are always so late?
03/15/2020 – Amtrak, the subsidized company that handles passenger services in the United States using extensively the tracks of other private operators, has to fight for better punctuality. That’s seem very difficult ! Amtrak (the real name is The National Railroad Passenger Corporation) is a for-profit corporation created by american Congress in the Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970…

Texas Central High Speed Train_02The Texan high speed railway project is progressing well
02/25/2020 – It gets little publicity , but it seems to be moving forward. The Texan TGV is an issue that attracs our attention because European companies are involved in it. It is also fundamentally different from the Californian dossier, which is getting bogged down. Why?

NQR Line-station-US passengers railways are bad, but Americans don’t care. Why?
11/22/2019 – The webzine Vox explains that Americans view public transit as a welfare system for those who can’t afford to drive. Public transport is considered as the transport of the poor, of the one who has not succeeded. The same picture is applied to passengers railways.

MARTA_Rail_2Marta signs a big Stadler metro train contract
11/20/2019 – Stadler and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) signed a legally-binding contract to supply 127 metro trains, with options for up to 50 additional sets, bringing the fleet to 177 units if these options were exercised.

Brightline_Trains_at_Workshop_bVirgin Trains awards $4bn contracts for West Palm Beach/Orlando line
05/28/2019 – Express inter-city rail system Virgin Trains USA has awarded five contracts valued at $4bn for the construction of a 273km rail line between Orlando and South Florida (railway-technology)