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NQR Line-station-US passengers railways are bad, but Americans don’t care. Why? – 11/22/2019 – The webzine Vox explains that Americans view public transit as a welfare system for those who can’t afford to drive. Public transport is considered as the transport of the poor, of the one who has not succeeded. The same picture is applied to passengers railways.

MARTA_Rail_2Marta signs a big Stadler metro train contract – 11/20/2019 – Stadler and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) signed a legally-binding contract to supply 127 metro trains, with options for up to 50 additional sets, bringing the fleet to 177 units if these options were exercised.

Brightline_Trains_at_Workshop_bVirgin Trains awards $4bn contracts for West Palm Beach/Orlando line – 05/28/2019 – Express inter-city rail system Virgin Trains USA has awarded five contracts valued at $4bn for the construction of a 273km rail line between Orlando and South Florida (railway-technology)


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