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Trenord has ambitions for the future
20/06/2022 – Italian-style regionalisation. Trenord is a railway company operating in regional and local passenger transport north of Milan. It is owned equally by Trenitalia and Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM), a company listed on the Milan stock exchange. Trenord operates more than 2,170 weekday journeys, with more than 1.3 million seats offered, 6% more than…

How Genoa will ease congestion on its cramped rail network
19/06/2022 -The Terzo Valico project is a new high-speed line that strengthens the connections of the Genoese port complex with the main railway lines of northern Italy and Europe. It is complemented within the city of Genoa by a reconfiguration of the railway network.

Italy’s high-speed train celebrates its 30th anniversary
04/06/2022 -2022 is definitely an anniversary year for high-speed rail in Europe. At the end of May 1992, Italy also joined the little club of high-speed train operators. Althought Italy had in been partially operating a new high-speed line since 1977, we retain the year 1992 with a complete new line and the operation of a new train.

The 10 years of NTV-Italo
26/04/2022 – This Thursday 28 April marks the 10th anniversary of the start of NTV-Italo’s services in Italy. This is an opportunity to look back on this undeniable success, which was unique in Europe, while high-speed competition is now taking off in Spain and France.

ETCS Level 3 regional: experiences in Italy
04/10/2021 – ETCS and its implementation have been discussed for a long time. So far, installation on the ground and on-board trains has been limited to ETCS level 2. But for regional lines, ETCS level 3 could be a solution.xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

TrenitaliaTrenitalia, a company that looks at Europe and the world
15/02/2021 – For most of us, Trenitalia is rather unknown and very few people know about the internationalisation of this Italian state operator. The opportunity for a short overview

Hupac, a giant of intermodal transport
20/03/2020 – How a small Swiss company became a giant in intermodal rail transport. Hupac, a great success story.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

RailpoolItaly : when a giant of containers operates his own intermodal trains
02/03/2020 – The maritime carrier Medway has started to carry out its own rail services in Italy through the new company Medway Italia. Medway is a subsidiary of the swiss maritime group MSC, a giant of ocean container transport.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Evo-Padova_2018NTV-Italo : seven years and now success
05/05/2019 – Last month marked the seventh anniversary of NTV-Italo, the italian private high speed train. It has now become a reference for rail liberalization. Welcome in Italy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FastFast Mercitalia: parcels at 250km/h
07/11/2018 – Today is the inauguration of the Mercitalia Fast train, a fast train that takes small parcels at 250 km / h between Naples and Bologna.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Trieste_MSCTrieste harbour : an example of intermodal transport
03/10/2018 – We do not talk much about the Italian port of Trieste. And yet, it is wrong to forget it. It presents one of the best examples of multimodal transport in Europe. A visit.

TRAXX_BombardierItaly : a private project to operate intermodal trains on high speed line
16/03/2016 – The private Italian firm ISC – Interporto Servizi Cargo – would like to use the Italian high-speed lines at night for intermodal trains.