By Frédéric de Kemmeter – Railway signalling and freelance copywriter
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Success for Trenitalia France
24/01/2023 – A successful bet for Trenitalia France: its Paris-Lyon route reached its one millionth passenger last December. This was important because the Italian company’s arrival on French soil was a risky move in a country that has never been convinced by multiple operators on the same network…

The Bari-Naples high-speed line, a 5.8 billion euro project
25/08/2022 – The last works on the route of the future high-speed line were opened in August. The entire route is now under construction, following the announcement of the opening of the last construction sites on the Hirpinia-Orsara and Orsara-Bovino sections. In detail, the completion of these two sections will allow a further reduction in travel time between the capital of Campania and Puglia…

RFI launches a €1.1 billion tender for the high-speed rail bypass and the new Florence station
23/08/2022 – The infrastructure manager Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group) has published the tender notice in the Official Journal of the European Union, for a total amount of more than 1.1 billion euros, for the construction of the bypass and the new high-speed station at the Florence hub. It should be…

Trenord has ambitions for the future
20/06/2022 – Italian-style regionalisation. Trenord is a railway company operating in regional and local passenger transport north of Milan. It is owned equally by Trenitalia and Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM), a company listed on the Milan stock exchange. Trenord operates more than 2,170 weekday journeys, with more than 1.3 million seats offered, 6% more than…

How Genoa will ease congestion on its cramped rail network
19/06/2022 -The Terzo Valico project is a new high-speed line that strengthens the connections of the Genoese port complex with the main railway lines of northern Italy and Europe. It is complemented within the city of Genoa by a reconfiguration of the railway network.

Italy’s high-speed train celebrates its 30th anniversary
04/06/2022 -2022 is definitely an anniversary year for high-speed rail in Europe. At the end of May 1992, Italy also joined the little club of high-speed train operators. Althought Italy had in been partially operating a new high-speed line since 1977, we retain the year 1992 with a complete new line and the operation of a new train.

Service provisionally complete for Trenitalia France
03/06/2022 – The train service of the Italian’s ‘Frecciarossa’ in France now includes two additional daily return trips, bringing to five the number of connections between at least Paris and Lyon, with two of these return trips continuing to Milan via Modane and Turin. On international traffic, with the fall of Covid restrictions in Italy, the occupancy rate would reach 93% according to Roberto Rinaudo, CEO…

The 10 years of NTV-Italo
26/04/2022 – This Thursday 28 April marks the 10th anniversary of the start of NTV-Italo’s services in Italy. This is an opportunity to look back on this undeniable success, which was unique in Europe, while high-speed competition is now taking off in Spain and France.

State aid for Italy’s long-distance train operators approved
04/03/2022 – The European Commission has approved under EU state aid rules a €687m Italian government package intended to compensate operators of commercial long-distance passenger rail services for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic over the period between July 1 2020 and April 3 2021. The decision was welcomed by the AllRail alliance…

Trenitalia gets 6 million fund for on-board ETCS
03/01/2022 – Trenitalia aims to have ERTMS installed on its train. With support of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), it has obtained a non-repayable contribution fund of over 6 million. Of the resources received by the EIB, approximately 4 million euros will be used for the installation of the ERTMS…

The first Frecciarossa left Paris this Saturday
18/12/2021 – The first Frecciarossa of Trenitalia France (ex-Thello), left Paris Gare de Lyon at 7.26 am (+ 2 minutes…). The Italian public operator is initially offering two return trips between Paris and Milan, which will be increased to three during 2022. The important thing to understand here is that Trenitalia can offer…

Trenitalia plans to launch its Milan-Paris service on December 18
10/12/2021 – While the Frecciariossa trains have been running dry runs since September, the actual launch date of the Milan-Lyon-Paris service has been awaited. According to AFP, the Italian public operator will start operating its Frecciarossa on 18 December. The company would thus become the first foreign operator to challenge the SNCF on the hightly…

Interporto, a tool to create the conditions for modal shift
05/12/2021 – It is misleading to think that the mere construction of a railway infrastructure in a economic area can generate a process of economic growth. There are a need for more complete facilities and industries around them. This is what the Italian example shows us with his ‘Interpoto‘ concept. The Italian regional model…

Trenitalia plans to launch its Milan-Paris service on December 18
05/11/2021 – Combiconnect, a subsidiary of the Swiss giant Hupac, has taken an 80% stake in the intermodal site in Novara, west of Milan. In the future, Hupac wants to extend the tracks to 740 metres as well as install new tracks for the entry and exit of trains with new gantries with OCR reading, which will automatically read the information of the wagons…

ETCS Level 3 regional: experiences in Italy
04/10/2021 – ETCS and its implementation have been discussed for a long time. So far, installation on the ground and on-board trains has been limited to ETCS level 2. But for regional lines, ETCS level 3 could be a solution.xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

TrenitaliaTrenitalia, a company that looks at Europe and the world
15/02/2021 – For most of us, Trenitalia is rather unknown and very few people know about the internationalisation of this Italian state operator. The opportunity for a short overview

Hupac, a giant of intermodal transport
20/03/2020 – How a small Swiss company became a giant in intermodal rail transport. Hupac, a great success story.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

RailpoolItaly : when a giant of containers operates his own intermodal trains
02/03/2020 – The maritime carrier Medway has started to carry out its own rail services in Italy through the new company Medway Italia. Medway is a subsidiary of the swiss maritime group MSC, a giant of ocean container transport.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Evo-Padova_2018NTV-Italo : seven years and now success
05/05/2019 – Last month marked the seventh anniversary of NTV-Italo, the italian private high speed train. It has now become a reference for rail liberalization. Welcome in Italy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FastFast Mercitalia: parcels at 250km/h
07/11/2018 – Today is the inauguration of the Mercitalia Fast train, a fast train that takes small parcels at 250 km / h between Naples and Bologna.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Trieste_MSCTrieste harbour : an example of intermodal transport
03/10/2018 – We do not talk much about the Italian port of Trieste. And yet, it is wrong to forget it. It presents one of the best examples of multimodal transport in Europe. A visit.

TRAXX_BombardierItaly : a private project to operate intermodal trains on high speed line
16/03/2016 – The private Italian firm ISC – Interporto Servizi Cargo – would like to use the Italian high-speed lines at night for intermodal trains.