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StockholmRedeveloping the Göteborg-Oslo railway link
13/06/2022 – The Swedish government has commissioned Trafikverket, in collaboration with the Norwegian Railways, to carry out a study on increasing capacity and accessibility on the Gothenburg – Oslo route. Sweden’s second largest city is poorly connected to the Norwegian capital, which is only 300 kilometres away. Currently, four Intercity trains cover the route in 3 hours and 44 minutes.

STO_3_Holger-Ellgaard_wikiTransdev: contracts in Sweden and electric buses in the Netherlands
26/05/2020 – The French company Transdev with trains in Sweden and hydrogen-powered buses in the Netherlands. How Northern Europe manages its public transport.

NattagNight trains : concurrence and new operators in Sweden
02/11/2020 – The cards have been redistributed for night trains in Sweden. The competition has played and two operators have been appointed for next winter services.

ØresundstĂ„g05/24/2019 – Denmark/Sweden: SJ wins ØresundstĂ„g operating contract – Swedish national train operator SJ has been awarded a contract to operate Sweden – Denmark ØresundstĂ„g services for eight years from December 2020, to replace Transdev (International Railway Journal)

SE_10-PÄgatÄg_bei_Kristianstad_kaffeeeinstein-wikiSweden, 30 years of railway liberalisation
05/20/2019 – In 1988, rail infrastructure was vertically and institutionally separated from train operations in Sweden. 30 years have passed since 1988, and some lessons can be drawn from this transformation.