By Frédéric de Kemmeter – Railway signalling and freelance copywriter
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Very good results for the Snälltåget night train
04/09/2022 – The long distance Swedish rail operator Snälltåget offered this year night trains between Sweden, Denmark and Germany 220 days per year. Since the start of the new night train Stockholm – Malmö – Berlin, on June 27 2021, over 120,000 passengers have travelled. Compared to the old route Malmö – Berlin…

Only three cars and no sleeping-cars on the new night train Stockholm-Hamburg?
30/08/2022 – It will be remembered that the state operator SJ is due to launch a new night train between Stockholm and Hamburg on 1 September. In the absence of Swedish RIC-standard rolling stock, SJ has turned to RDC Deutschland to lease sleeping cars. hese are sleeping cars of the type WLAB32s…

I experienced Brussels-Stockholm round trip by train
08/08/2022 – Don’t ask me « how long time? » This round trip of 3,645 kilometres was obviously done in 4 stages… and 10 trains. The whole thing was spread over 9 days to enjoy the cities we don’t visit every year. These long journeys allow us to learn a lot of things. We’ll talk about railway reality rather than dreams and utopias, as rail is apparently the transport planned to replace the plane. Is this true?

StockholmRedeveloping the Göteborg-Oslo railway link
13/06/2022 – The Swedish government has commissioned Trafikverket, in collaboration with the Norwegian Railways, to carry out a study on increasing capacity and accessibility on the Gothenburg – Oslo route. Sweden’s second largest city is poorly connected to the Norwegian capital, which is only 300 kilometres away. Currently, four Intercity trains cover the route in 3 hours and 44 minutes.

SnälltågetPublic operator SJ places order for 25 trainsets
20/12/2021 – Alstom, via the former Bombardier Sweden, has just been awarded the contract for at least 25 new trainsets capable of reaching speeds of 250km/h. However, these trains are not high-speed trains in the strict sense of the word but will be used for long-distance rail traffic between Sweden’s major cities and also for cross-border traffic to Denmark and Norway. The new trains are part of…

SnälltågetSwiss diesels locomotives resold in Sweden?
17/12/2021 – According to online magazine Järnvägar.nu, a large number of Swiss diesel locomotives may end up in Sweden in a few years. The company Nordic Re-Finance would have started negotiations with the Swiss state railway company SBB. Nordic Re-Finance has already signed a contract to bring 26 Danish ME diesel locomotives back to Sweden, to be used in Sweden and Norway by Railcare…

SnälltågetSnälltåget’s traffic increases
13/12/2021 – The private operator Snälltåget, which is owned by Transdev Sweden, reports good ridership figures. The company basically operates 3 round trips between Malmö and Stockholm as well as seasonal night trains. « It’s getting better and better, » says Marco Andersson, sales director at Snälltåget. « The recovery in private travel has gone very fast. There is a very strong demand for travel on Södrastambanan, there have been very large numbers of travellers on our…

Finland-SwedenWork set to begin on cross-border Finland to Sweden rail line
30/11/2021 – Work on a long-anticipated rail line that would link Finland’s network with the Swedish border town of Haparanda will begin once funding is secured, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency said on Monday. The project will electrify the Laurila-Tornio-Haparanda section of the network, thereby opening up a cross-border rail connection between Finland and Sweden. Haparanda station…

StockholmSweden: operator SJ reintroduces refurbished X2000s
11/11/2021 – Swedish national passenger operator SJ has announced that it will reintroduce its first refurbished X2000 tilting trains on the Stockholm – Gothenburg route on 16 November. The X2000 is a tilting train designed by the swedish industry in the late 1980s. Although originally designed to increase speed by 15% compared to conventional trains, the increase in track…

STO_3_Holger-Ellgaard_wikiTransdev: contracts in Sweden and electric buses in the Netherlands
26/05/2020 – The French company Transdev with trains in Sweden and hydrogen-powered buses in the Netherlands. How Northern Europe manages its public transport.

NattagNight trains : concurrence and new operators in Sweden
02/11/2020 – The cards have been redistributed for night trains in Sweden. The competition has played and two operators have been appointed for next winter services.

Øresundståg05/24/2019 – Denmark/Sweden: SJ wins Øresundståg operating contract – Swedish national train operator SJ has been awarded a contract to operate Sweden – Denmark Øresundståg services for eight years from December 2020, to replace Transdev (International Railway Journal)

SE_10-Pågatåg_bei_Kristianstad_kaffeeeinstein-wikiSweden, 30 years of railway liberalisation
05/20/2019 – In 1988, rail infrastructure was vertically and institutionally separated from train operations in Sweden. 30 years have passed since 1988, and some lessons can be drawn from this transformation.