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KL1724_2KLM to replace Brussels flight with Thalys – 09/14/2019 – Replace the plane on short distance? KLM will do it on Amsterdam-Brussels. From the end of March 2020, the airline KLM will remove one of its five daily flights to replace it with a TGV Thalys.

Middland_2When a region presents a rail program of 3.5 billion investments – 09/13/2019 – Dozens of cities across the UK could benefit from Midlands Engine Rail, a € 3.5 billion improvement program proposed by sub-national Midlands Connect to redevelop the region’s rail network.

NO_1More tenders for Norwegian railways – 09/05/2019 – Calls for tenders for rail services follow one after another in Norway, a country that is non-member of the European Union.

Voss_2Chinese group CRRC buys Vossloh Locomotives – 08/27/2019 – This time, it’s going to work: the Chinese CRRC really come in Europe. CRRC acquires Vossloh ‘railway vehicles’ business

LokfuhrerIntegrated or non-Integrated railway, an infinite debate – 08/25/2019 – What’s the best ? Some politicians and experts have intended to separate the infrastructure for several reasons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmicable solution reached between SBB and BLS – 08/22/2019 – SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) and BLS AG have reached ‘an amicable solution’ to share the operation of long-distance services. A good news for mobility in Switerland

PKP_1_Adam Kilian-wikiStill success for Intercity Stadler trains – 08/21/2019 – Stadler, better known on the regional train segment, is also gaining success on the mainline version of its Emu Flirt. Example with Poland.

IA_mobil_4How artificial intelligence will revolutionize mobility – 08/18/2019 – Artificial intelligence includes continuous learning that accumulates data to constantly search for new models. This is suitable for integrated mobility, which provides a mountain of datas.

Leo_3_Leo ExpressMore profits and traffic for Leo Express – 08/16/2019 – Leo Express, the 2nd largest private operator in the Czech Republic, is increasing its revenues and now starts contract in the regional public service delegation, successfully.

VirginTrenitalia replaces Virgin on London-Scotland route! – 08/15/2019 – This is a major change: Trenitalia, associated with First Group, will replace Virgin and Stagecoach from December 8 on the legendary West Coast line, the WCML.

Midlands_AbellioEast Midlands Railway selects new trains by Hitachi
– 07/30/2019 –  East Midlands Railway – the incoming Midland Main Line franchisee operated by Abellio – has selected new rolling stock for its network – with the company taking on Hitachi High Speed trains for its new intercity fleet. The 33 new trainsets will be introduced from 2022 and will serve the main cities and towns on the Midland Main Line (Economy Class & Beyond)

SWR_railway_UKRiding Sunbeams launch pilot scheme for UK’s first solar-powered railways
– 07/30/2019 – With the aim to leverage renewable energy and reduce its carbon footprint, Network Rail has collaborated with Riding Sunbeams to use solar panels to power trains in south-east England and launched the first pilot scheme. (

Pendolino_Virgin_390134_Manchester-Picadilly_MikeyTransport giant Stagecoach signals end to UK rail bids – 06/27/2019 – According The Herald, Stagecoach, which was alongside Virgin to operate the main London-Manchester / Scotland route, end to UK rail bids. One reason: the exorbitant cost of the pension fund (The Herald)

Tolls reduction for Dutch rail freight
07/22/2019 – The issue of railway infrastructure charges often comes back to the forefront because it strongly affects the vitality of freight transport and the modal shift

Rail_invest_01Investments in rail network: great disparities on country ranking
07/20/2019 – The German association Allianz pro Schiene, with SCI Verkehr, has just published a study on rail infrastructure investments per capita in Europe. An interesting picture but which gives some questions.

Maintenance_DigitalDigitalization in the rail sector : Infrabel at the top
06/23/2019 – Today, the digital world is no longer a joke, but a reality. It is interesting to observe what is happening in the rail sector.

Rotterdam_daarwasikERTMS: who will pay for the freight operators?
06/21/2019 – ERTMS: who will pay for the freight operators? They seem very worried about the cost of this technology which does not bring them any added value, they say. Yes, but you have to watch at 360° …

Bombardier_ETR1000Trenitalia prepares for Paris – Milano launch – 06/20/2019 – The first of five ETR1000 high speed trainsets being modified to operate Trenitalia’s planned open access service between Milano and Paris is expected to begin test running in France next month, following the completion of retrofitting work. (International Railway Gazette)

Maglev_10Are futuristic maglev trains could revolutionize railways ?
06/17/2019 – While the world looks at Hyperloop projects with caution, it is useful to look at another railway technology: magnetic levitation, which Europe seems to have definitively cancelled …

VirginVirgin Trains to launch UK’s most advanced and customer-focussed train service – 06/11/2019 – We plan to launch the UK’s most customer-focussed train service between London and Liverpool. The new services would be unique in the UK and an exciting opportunity to continue to shake up the rail industry. Every passenger would be guaranteed a seat and tickets would be at least 10% cheaper than equivalent tickets offered by rail competitors.

Eurotunnel_5Eurotunnel: 25 years old and the shadow of Brexit
06/02/2019 – Eurotunnel is 25 years old this June 6th. An opportunity to take stock of one of the world’s most daring infrastructures, when brexit comes.

SE_10-Pågatåg_bei_Kristianstad_kaffeeeinstein-wikiSweden, 30 years of railway liberalisation
05/20/2019 – In 1988, rail infrastructure was vertically and institutionally separated from train operations in Sweden. 30 years have passed since 1988, and some lessons can be drawn from this transformation.

Platooning_2Germany : when Deutsche Bahn helps the road sector
05/12/2019 – DB Schenker, the logistics subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, is a partner in a platooning trucks project on a motorway. The first results were made public in Berlin.

Stadler_1Contracts raining for Stadler – 06/05/2019 – News are very rich recently for the Swiss manufacturer Stadler. Orders flock almost every week! The time for a summary.

Evo-Padova_2018NTV-Italo : seven years and now success
05/05/2019 – Last month marked the seventh anniversary of NTV-Italo, the italian private high speed train. It has now become a reference for rail liberalization. Welcome in Italy.

Leo-EX_4Leo Express presents its Chinese EMUs – 06/03/2019 – Express revealed the appearance of some of the interiors of its new electric units produced by the world’s largest producer, the chinese CRRC. Three trains will come from China to Europe by ship in the second half of this year, and then will be transported to the Czech Republic.

Ringstedbanen_1Denmark entered into the high speed club – 06/03/2019 – has just inaugurated its first high speed line for trains at 250 km / h, that means that the country enters in the club high speed.

CRRC-maglev05/30/2019 – Asia takes leadership of trains at 600km / h, and itsn’t good news for Europe and America – The Chinese manufacturer CRRC, which is so scary to European manufacturers, unveils a magnetic levitation train project that could circulate at 600km / h (

commission_europeenneEuropean Union publishes eight regulations on the fourth railway package – 05/30/2019 – The Official Journal of the European Union has published 8 regulations and 1 recommendation, adopted as part of the process of revision of all railway regulations after the approval of the fourth railway package.

Brightline_Trains_at_Workshop_bUSA: Virgin Trains awards $4bn contracts for West Palm Beach/Orlando line – 05/28/2019 – Express inter-city rail system Virgin Trains USA has awarded five contracts valued at $4bn for the construction of a 273km rail line between Orlando and South Florida (railway-technology)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreat-Britain: SNCF, Stagecoach and Virgin launch legal action over West Coast Partnership franchise – 05/24/2019 – Stagecoach Group and its bid partners French National Railways (SNCF) and Virgin have launched legal action against Britain’s Department for Transport over the procurement of the West Coast Partnership (WCP) franchise (International Railway Journal)

ØresundstågDenmark/Sweden: SJ wins Øresundståg operating contract – 05/24/2019 – Swedish national train operator SJ has been awarded a contract to operate Sweden – Denmark Øresundståg services for eight years from December 2020, to replace Transdev (International Railway Journal)

Flixtrain-BerlinGermany: Flixtrain launches third train service in Germany – 05/23/2019 – Flixtrain launched a new passenger service on May 23 linking Berlin with Cologne. This is the open-access operator’s third long-distance route in Germany adding to the Cologne – Hamburg and Berlin – Stuttgart services (International Railway Journal)

ADIF_2Spain: Granada high-speed line to open in June – 05/22/2019 – Spain’s national operator Renfe plans to launch high-speed services to Granada on June 24 following the completion of the new 122km line from Granada to Antequera (International Railway Journal)

Coradia_iLintGermany: When a Region makes his ecological policy with 27 hydrogen trains – 05/21/2019 – Gmbh, a 100% subsidiary of Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (RMV), has just designated Alstom as the winner of a tender for 27 hydrogen railcars.

FlygskramSweden: ‘Flight shame’ in Sweden prompts rail-only travel movement – 04/30/2019 – Planes, trains and automobiles? For Swedish climate activists, only the trains will do (

Vy_2Norway: NSB and Nettbuss are changing their names to Vy – 04/27/2019 – The Norwegian public railway company NSB changes its name radically and becomes Vy.

ADIF_2The Spanish high speed officially liberalized
04/25/2019 – ADIF, the spanish infrastructure manager, has released its 10-year network statement for the “network of general interest” (RFIG), which proposes creating three high-speed packages for liberalisation expected in 2020.


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