By Frédéric de Kemmeter – Railway signalling and freelance copywriter
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Portugal_realestatePortugal will also have a high-speed line
01/10/2022 – Last week Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced plans for a brand-new high-speed line between Lisbon and Porto. The new service could reach speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour and cut journey times down to just one hour and 15 minutes. Which is, by any measure, pretty bloomin’ speedy. In comments Mr Costa highlighted the importance of connecting Portugal’s two…

Portugal_realestateA consortium led by Medway to recreate the Portuguese railway industry
14/12/2021 – Medway, through a consortium of 10 companies, will develop a strategy to recover the railway wagon manufacturing industry in Portugal, in order to bring back productive capacity to the country, with the creation of intelligent wagons for goods – called « smart wagons ». This consortium comprises five companies (MEDWAY Maintenance & Repair, MEDWAY Terminals, MEDWAY…