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Alp_TransitCrossing the Alps: for Switzerland, the job is done!
08/31/2020 – The opening of the Ceneri Tunnel on Friday, 4 September marks the end of the major works of Alpine crossings in Switzerland. Mission accomplished for this country, which is not a member of the European Union

Thurbo_1_Bahnfrend_wikiJoint tendering in Switzerland to renew regional trains
05/18/2020 – How to lead significant savings? By joint tendering. This is what SBB and its subsidiaries Thurbo and RegionAlps do. Incidentally, we can measure how Switzerland operates its regional train services by involving its cantons.

LEX_05_Hupac, a giant of intermodal transport
03/20/2020 – How a small Swiss company became a giant in intermodal rail transport. Hupac, a great success story.

LEX_05_Switzerland : LĂ©man Express officially inaugurated – 12/13/2019 – The Leman Express (LEX), a cross-border commuters service around Geneva, will be fully operational this December 15, 2019, at 5:05 am.